Alcohol Abuse Rates in European Countries

Many Americans have an idealized concept of European attitudes toward alcohol consumption. Because the drinking age is lower in almost every European country than it is in America, we assume that young people are taught to drink responsibly and, as a consequence, have fewer alcohol-related problems than we do as a nation. The U.S. Department of Justice released a 2001 study that debunks the myth that lower drinking ages in Europe make for less underage alcohol abuse than in the United States. Alcohol is harmful when abused, no matter the laws governing its use. Orlando residents struggling with alcohol abuse or addiction should seek professional treatment to overcome this dangerous disease.

What Orlando Residents Should Know About European Alcohol Abuse

In a majority of the countries of Europe, high school-aged adolescents reported alcohol use that was roughly two and a half times the comparable rate in America. This research covered aspects such as frequency of alcohol consumption, prevalence of binge drinking, and attitudes regarding drunkenness. European standards, rather than promoting moderation and responsible drinking through earlier experience with alcohol, instead promote alcohol abuse. Orlando residents who rationalize their drinking or teenagers who think drinking is harmless because it is legal in Europe need to learn the facts before they fall victim to the dangerous effects of alcohol abuse.

Reasons for European Alcohol Abuse

There are several reasons for the rates of alcohol abuse in Europe. If alcohol is available to younger individuals in Europe than in America, and if alcohol use and abuse is not as stigmatized, naturally alcohol use and abuse will be more widespread in Europe. However, anyone indulging in alcohol needs to remember that it is a powerful drug and can be very addictive. The only sure way to prevent alcohol addiction is to keep this drug restricted, while keeping community dialogue open about the damage that alcohol abuse can cause. Orlando residents who believe their drinking is becoming a problem in their lives should seek help from a trained addiction counselor, or a recovery support group like Alcoholics Anonymous.

Addressing Alcohol Abuse among Orlando Residents

Alcohol addiction is not solely a European problem. Despite stricter legislation and aggressive national sobriety campaigns, alcohol claims many lives in the United States as well as in other parts of the world. Fortunately, intervention and treatment have been proved effective at every stage of addiction. If you or your loved one in Orlando is in need of dedicated, professional addiction treatment, or if you would like advice on preventing alcohol addiction from intruding into your life, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to take your call with complete confidentiality. We want to see you free from addiction, so call us today.