Alcohol Intervention

When an Orlando resident has succumbed to alcoholism, she is often unable to understand the seriousness of her condition or the effect it is has on those she loves the most. Though alcohol certainly creates a powerful physical addiction, it is the psychological grip that is the most difficult to overcome. The alcoholic’s brain becomes chemically rewired around drinking, preventing her from thinking clearly or behaving in the way she wants. The disease functions on a deeper and more powerful level than rational thoughts. Denial and justification work together to prevent drinkers from realizing their situation. Even those with a strong desire to get clean will need help. Sometimes a group intervention is an important part of the process. These drastic, difficult confrontations can force Orlando alcoholics to hear how those closest to them feel about their alcohol problem and to accept the help that is being offered.

How Alcohol Interventions Work for Orlando Residents

Any time you confront a friend or loved one about his alcohol abuse, you are holding an informal intervention. When confronting your loved one, it is important for to avoid emotional reasons. Fact-based dialog along with directly communicating consequences are the most effective types of communication. In some cases, however, the psychological repercussions of addiction prevent Orlando alcoholics from internalizing what they are being told. Group interventions are a sort of last-ditch effort to force Orlando alcoholics to realize that there are people who love them and are after their well-being, but who are being hurt by the disease. In many cases this kind of shock and awe will cut through the noise in the addict’s head and, for a moment at least, allow them to realize that they need help.

Professional Interventionists for Orlando Residents

Some addiction experts have undergone special training to become licensed interventionists. They have particular skills in preparing Orlando residents for a group intervention by walking them through the process and helping them choose the most productive words to share and the best ways to share them. They are often present at the actual intervention to guide the conversation objectively. It is important for the people involved to be prepared for any of several results. If the desired results are realized and the addict agrees to treatment there must be a detailed plan ready to execute. If the desired results are not realized the loved ones of the addict may need to enforce healthy boundaries in order to avoid enabling the disease. Though some people will conduct the meeting on their own, this kind of professional help can greatly increase the effectiveness of the intervention.

Orlando Alcohol Intervention Help

If you live in Orlando and are concerned about a friend or loved one’s alcohol abuse, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline for free guidance and support. Our specially trained counselors can answer any questions you may have and can even connect you with interventionists and treatment facilities. We’re standing by any time of day or night, seven days a week, to help you walk through this difficult season with your friend or loved one. You are not alone. Just pick up the phone and call.