Are Performance-Enhancing Drugs Addictive?

People have long abused performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) such as steroids to increase muscle mass and stature. Orlando residents may use these drugs in athletic settings to excel beyond their natural abilities, and these drugs often make users feel a sense of reward as they witness their physical strength increase. Despite these types of drugs being linked to physical aspects, they are more psychologically addictive, so users will require professional help to recover.

Psychological Addiction to PEDs

The psychological effects of abusing PEDs are much stronger than any physical effects, which makes it incredibly difficult for people to stop using these drugs. Psychological symptoms of abusing PEDs include the following examples:

  • Social withdrawal – Using performance-enhancing drugs can be so intense that it infiltrates an Orlando user’s social life. Because this continued use produces physical results, a person who uses performance-enhancing drugs is likely to become preoccupied with physical success, so much so that she neglects her social life.
  • Compulsive urges – A major part of any addiction is compulsiveness, and a performance-enhancing drug addiction is no different. Those who use these drugs might rely on compulsive behaviors to feel better about themselves and/or to avoid feelings of guilt surrounding their current physical appearance.
  • Lying about use – When an Orlando drug user covers up his use of performance-enhancing drugs, he may experience denial concerning his addiction problem, and he may be embarrassed by his drug using behaviors. Because the addiction impacts a user’s psychological behaviors, he may cover up his addiction to mask the psychological problem he struggles with.
  • Anxiety/depression – Psychological symptoms of this type of addiction can include anxiety and depression, both which are closely related to the reasons people may start using. Anxiety can develop as a result of trying to maintain a specific appearance, and depression can come when a physical reward goes unmet.

Between social withdrawal, compulsivity, lying about use and developing depression and/or anxiety, Orlando drug users can quickly develop a psychological addiction.

Benefits of Recovery from Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Treating an addiction to performance-enhancing drugs can be extremely beneficial to a user, as it not only provides the opportunity to develop new, constructive habits, but it also addresses the reasons people started using in the first place. During this process, users can uncover the psychological aspects of drug use, and they can seek help for problems like anxiety, depression and deceitful behavior.

Help for Orlando Residents Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs

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