Avoid Setting Yourself up for Recovery Failure

Accepting the need for addiction treatment is a big step. However, recovery is a process with many twists and turns. There are things that Orlando residents can do to either increase their odds of success or set themselves up for failure. Take steps today to safeguard addiction.

Attitudes That Can Limit Recovery Efforts

Some attitudes and actions that can be counterproductive to recovery include the following:

  • Focusing only on using drugs or alcohol and not on contributing factors – Addiction generally has physical, emotional and social components, so full recovery involves addressing every aspect. One factor may have been primary when the addiction began, but others often develop over time and will impede the recovery process if not addressed.
  • Forgetting the negative consequences of substance use – When removed from drug abuse, some Orlando drug addicts will forget the misery that substance use can cause. People tend to remember only the good times and forget the pain. It can be a good idea to make a list of the negatives associated with substance use and carry them in your pocket.
  • Forgetting the positives associated with sobriety – Most Orlando residents have goals and desires they can only achieve when free from addiction. Early in recovery, when transitioning to a sober life is challenging, it is easy to lose sight of the goal.
  • Becoming overly stressed or busy – Recovery is a process that takes mental and emotional focus. Becoming busy can drain resources needed for the challenge. It can also raise stress levels, which is a relapse trigger for most people.
  • Isolating – Becoming overly busy can be problematic, but so can isolating yourself and failing to engage with other Orlando residents. Emotional support and strong interpersonal relationships can go a long way toward breaking an addiction.
  • Failing to anticipate cravings – When people go for a while without drug cravings, they may let their guard down and forget relapse prevention strategies. However, drug cravings are unpredictable and can come seemingly out of the blue. Although they can be intense, they are usually short-lived and come less often as recovery progresses.
  • Continuing to participate in activities once associated with drug use – When sensory and emotional cues become associated with drug use, they can easily serve as relapse triggers. Full recovery generally means finding new recreational activities and peer groups. Orlando drug addicts can overcome their cravings, but they must distract themselves from addiction.

Orlando Addiction Help

If you live in Orlando and suffer from addiction, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline and let us answer your questions about addiction treatment. We can check your insurance coverage if you wish to help you better understand your treatment options. Give yourself the best possible chance to recover fully.