Compulsive Disorders and Addiction Help

Having a Dual Diagnosis of a compulsive disorder and a drug addiction can be overwhelming. Furthermore, many treatment facilities cannot treat both problems at the same time. This can make an Orlando drug addict feel as though she is in limbo: she may go to treat one problem, only to relapse while treating the other. More often than not, patients are transferred to different facilities to treat each issue independently. However, by integrating the treatment methods for both mental health disorders and addiction, patients have a much higher chance of a successful recovery.

How Are Compulsive Disorders and Addiction Related?

It is extremely common to experience both a mental illness and addiction at the same time. Included in the following are some examples of how compulsive disorders and addiction are connected:

  • Patients become exhausted
  • They struggle to relax
  • They self medicate their symptoms
  • Reversed symptoms due to drug use

People who are diagnosed with a mental illness often become mentally and physically drained by their illness. This can cause Orlando residents to seek methods for feeling energized. With a compulsive disorder, people find the need to repeat a behavior until they believe it is done correctly. The need to relax can become extremely important, and drugs may help people feel calm. People with a mental illness often try methods to self medicate, prevent or reverse their symptoms.

Treatment For Both a Mental Health Issue and an Addiction?

Treatment options are limited for those Orlando residents who suffer from a Dual Diagnosis, such as compulsive disorder and addiction. Included in the following are some options for treatment:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment

Inpatient treatment sends patients through detox with as little pain as possible. Depending on what drug an Orlando resident is addicted to, the withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to life threatening. Before enrolling in inpatient treatment, you may want to ask if they can treat both your addiction and mental illness at the same time. If they cannot, look for a facility that can. You may need to go to counseling several times a week for addiction treatment and to help you with your compulsive disorder.

Outpatient treatment is another viable option, but Orlando patients will not reside at a treatment facility. Instead, they will go home every day after treatment ends, which enables patients to maintain their jobs or care for their families.

Dual Diagnosis and Addiction Treatment

Our counselors are here to help, so if you or an Orlando loved one struggle with a Dual Diagnosis of a compulsive disorder and addiction, please call our toll-free helpline today. We are here 24 hours a day to help, so please call us today.