Do Genetics Impact Addiction Recovery?

Genetics do impact addiction: scientific research over the last few years has determined that certain people are more prone to addiction than others based on their genetic makeup. However, not all Orlando individuals that are prone to addiction will become addicts. However, if you are addicted, know that genetics can affect your rate of recovery, symptoms and overall quality of sobriety.

How Are Genetics a Part of Addiction Recovery?

While an Orlando drug addict is in treatment, he will go through several psychological tests. These tests can help determine what treatment best suits the addict’s personal psychological needs. The more personalized your treatment program is, the better chances you have of getting and staying sober. Genetics can impact addiction recovery in the following ways:

  • How you react to the drugs you take
  • The severity of withdrawal symptoms
  • Effectiveness of new medication given at treatment

Genetics play a major role in addiction and recovery. If Orlando drug addicts seek proper treatment, a medical staff can tap into these needs and tailor a treatment program that fits the addict’s genetics. It is more likely that you will become an addict if someone in your family is. However, that does not mean that you are guaranteed to become an addict, it simply means that you just need to be more aware and cautious than others.

What Happens in Addiction Recovery

Treatment programs are extremely beneficial to addicts seeking sobriety. The reason being is treatment programs can be altered to fit an addict’s needs. What does this mean for Orlando drug addicts? It increases the chances of recovery over those who try to detox on their own. Medical personnel can address the following factors during the addiction recovery process:

  • Duration of use
  • Chances of addiction to new medications
  • Inform the addict about her genetics and the possible risks

Many treatment programs encounter addicts that have tried to detox on their own, but could not succeed despite their desire to do so. The chances of long-term sobriety are greater when Orlando residents seek proper treatment.

Addiction Treatment for Orlando Residents

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