Do I Need to Hire a Sober Escort?

The services of sober escorts and sober companions services may slightly differ, but their functions are the same: to help their clients with recovery by maintaining sobriety. Sober escorts and companions are people who are charged with monitoring someone’s sobriety after he emerges from rehab. Orlando patients who seek out these professionals may have better long-term chances of avoiding relapse.

What Is the Role of a Sober Escort?

A sober escort can be a tremendous opportunity for recovering addicts in Orlando. Included in the following are some of the services a sober escort can provide:

  • Transportation
  • A drug-free environment
  • Help building a strong support system

Many recovering drug addicts may have a revoked or suspended license due to their drug use and behaviors. This can make it extremely difficult for them to receive any additional help, such as attending either doctor appointments or drug and alcohol addiction classes. To meet this need, a sober escort can transport an addict to and from appointments in a drug-free environment. More likely than not, the sober escort may also be recovering from addiction and can give Orlando drug addicts some advice and empathy. Lastly, a sober escort can also help her clients build strong support systems, as encouragement from family and friends can go a long way to keeping a person away from drugs.

How Can Sober Escorts Help Recovering Addicts

Sober escorts and companions strive to help addicts in any ways that they can. Included in the following are some of the examples on how sober escorts and companions can aid addiction recovery:

  • Suggestions for additional treatment
  • Helping the addict maintain sobriety
  • Keeping the addict responsible for his appointments

Sober escorts and companions may have experienced addiction first hand, so they are empathetic as well as knowledgeable. Furthermore, they can help refer recovering Orlando drug addicts to outpatient treatment facilities. These facilities can help addicts express their feelings in a safe and private atmosphere, which can help them vent their frustrations to avoid risking relapse. Sober escorts and companions can also refer the addict to doctors that may specialize in helping recovering addicts. By giving the recovering addict a drug-free environment, sober escorts can help reduce the risks of relapse.

Help for Orlando Drug Addicts

If you or an Orlando loved one struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, please call our toll-free helpline today. We are here to help you in any way we can, and we are available 24 hours a day for that reason. Don’t delay; call today.