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Admitting there is a problem is the first step to recovering from a drug addiction. However, making the choice to get help and enter into a drug treatment program, whether an Orlando rehab facility or a treatment center elsewhere in the country, can be a scary decision. The fear that a person feels is often coming from the fact that they don’t know what to expect once they arrive at the facility. There are many myths surrounding drug treatment programs. A drug treatment center is a safe and positive environment full of support. Rehab provides a drug- and alcohol-free environment where addicts can go to get away from the dangers and temptations in their life that got them where they are right now. By living in this safe setting, a person can let go of all of the worries and just focus all of their energy on overcoming their addiction.

Rehab for Orlando Addicts: What to Expect

Upon entering into a rehab center, an Orlando addict will meet with a counselor who will assess what type of addictions the person is struggling with and how severe the addictions are. Also, the counselor will assess the personality of the addict to decide what type of treatment would be best for them. Not every addict responds in the same way to everything. There is no single path to go down to find sobriety; it will be different for everyone. This is why it is so important to meet with a counselor who can use their training and experience to find what is right for the individual.

While in rehab, an Orlando addict will participate in counseling sessions. There may be both one-on-one and group sessions taking place, depending on which drug treatment program you are enrolled in. Counseling is a way to find any underlying issues that may have driven you to start using in the first place. By unmasking these issues, you can then work through them to alleviate the possibility of them triggering you to use again when you return home.

Drug testing will also be a part of your treatment. This is for everyone’s safety. If someone is sneaking drugs into the facility, it risks everyone’s sobriety. This is unacceptable in any rehab or drug treatment facility.

Oftentimes, it’s recommended that an Orlando addict seek treatment outside their primary area of residency. This removes the addict from the environment they associate with their addiction. In a new environment, it is often easier to focus wholeheartedly on recovery.

Addiction treatment should not be something that is feared. It is a safe place where people are there to help you get your life back on track. The staff is there to help you, not to yell at you or make you feel bad for what you’ve done in the past. It is a gift if you are able to receive drug treatment and should not be looked upon as torture or something scary.

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