Finding a CARF-certified Rehab Center

One of the most important parts of getting drug addiction treatment is finding a quality rehab center. It goes without saying that a rehab center that is low quality or not certified will be less likely to provide treatment that leads to a successful recovery. It is good to know what questions to ask and what information to get when visiting prospective rehab centers. A great way to check the quality of a rehab center is to make sure they are certified or accredited through an organization like CARF. Finding a CARF-certified rehab center will give Orlando residents peace of mind: these facilities will take good care of you while providing safe, quality treatment.

What Is CARF?

The Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, or CARF, is a nonprofit accreditor of health and human services including opioid treatment programs, behavioral health services, and other forms of rehab and treatment. According to their website, CARF has accredited “more than 47,000 programs and services at more than 20,000 locations on five continents.” They report that services they’ve accredited have served more than 8.7 million people of all ages.

How Orlando Residents Benefit from CARF Standards

CARF develops specific standards designed for each kind of care center they accredit. They state that “achieving accreditation requires a service provider to commit to quality improvement, focus on the unique needs of each person the provider serves and monitor the results of services.”

All of these are important aspects of a quality rehab center. CARF performs internal examination of all its accredited rehab centers and conducts on-site surveys to determine whether a facility meets CARF’s specifically designed standards. Based on those results, CARF issues a report to facilities, outlining things the facility does well and things that need improvement. Accreditation is granted once the rehab center demonstrates its ability to meet CARF standards. Orlando residents can trust these facilities to provide effective, quality treatment.

Accreditation by an organization like CARF is vital because it creates a uniform standard by which rehab centers can be judged. While in need of care, Orlando residents can use these standards and allow CARF to narrow the list of potential rehab centers. By making sure that the rehab center you enter is accredited by CARF, you ensure that you will receive quality care and treatment.

CARF-Certified Addiction Rehabilitation Options for Orlando Residents

If you live in Orlando and need treatment from a drug addiction rehab center, we can help you find a properly accredited facility. All of our facilities are accredited by CARF and we can help you find one that works best for you. Call our toll-free 24 hour helpline to speak with a trained counselor who can answer your questions and help point you in the right direction. Call now and get on the way to a CARF-certified rehab center today.