Finding Spirituality during Addiction Recovery

To build a lasting recovery, addicts often must address problems of personal relationships, family interactions, emotional skills, mood disorders and more. The situation can sometimes seem hopeless to Orlando residents struggling with addiction. To help them, many recovery programs offer a spiritual perspective to help maintain focus and motivation for the many challenges of their recovery efforts.

Religious Conformity Is Not Required

People are sometimes worried that their own spiritual beliefs, or absence of beliefs, will come into conflict with the spiritual principles of a recovery program. With most programs that offer a spiritual element, there is no conflict between beliefs. The shared goal is recovery addiction. The addict’s personal spiritual life is important to the recovery program only insofar as it needs to help make a drug-free life possible.

Many people successfully recover from addiction without spending any time in spiritual pursuits or even holding any beliefs that they consider to be “spiritual.” It is not a requirement for successful recovery in Orlando. Even programs with strong spiritual elements don’t disqualify anyone because of their beliefs, or lack thereof. Recovery is the important thing.

Healing in Orlando

Recovery is not easy. There is hard work, pain, and uncertainty. To keep up the fight, there has to be a strong motivation and compelling reasons to stick with addiction recovery. To an addict’s friends and family, the motivation may seem perfectly obvious: It’s a fight for survival. Everything is on the line.

But in addition to the addict’s obvious problems, there can be less tangible problems that can hold up the whole recovery process. In order to do all the work of treatment and recovery, a person must have a compelling answer to the simple question “Why bother?”

This problem of hopelessness and disconnection can be thought of as a broken spirit. It must be overcome before a recovery can really begin. Recovery programs have spiritual elements to help addicts in Orlando heal spiritually and believe in the value of their own lives.

The Purpose of Spirituality in Recovery

“Why bother?” is often a difficult question for an addict to answer. Their lives may have so much pain and hopelessness that they may not believe their lives to be worth fighting for.

Fortunately, thousands of years of spiritual traditions can be tapped to help Orlando residents find a reason to fight for their life. Recovery programs will connect addicts with these traditions to help them build up some kind of answer to these questions or at least a useful framework to seek answers.

Addicts don’t have to share all the spiritual beliefs of their counselors, peers, or family. They only have to believe they live in a universe where they deserve the peace of a drug-free life.

Convert to Clean Living

If you or a friend in Orlando is struggling with addiction, don’t think the whole universe is against you. Call our toll-free helpline to learn more ways spirituality can help during addiction recovery. Counselors are available 24 hours a day to help you find answers to small questions and big ones.