Florida Outpatient Drug Treatment

When most people think of drug treatment programs, they usually think of residential addiction treatment. In residential care, the recovering addict will reside at the facility and receive treatment for approximately 30 days. The length of treatment will vary depending on the severity of the drug, the withdrawal symptoms experienced and the individual’s history of drug abuse.  While more than 55 percent of all addicts seeking treatment will opt for a residential program, there are other treatment options available. Outpatient drug treatment does not require the addict to live at the facility. They are able to carry on a somewhat normal life while receiving treatment for their addiction at the same time. The addict can maintain a job, stay in school and care for their children. They will visit the treatment center periodically for counseling sessions and other scheduled appointments.

Is Outpatient Drug Treatment for Orlando Addicts Right for You?

It is important to remember that outpatient treatment is not for everyone. The severity of the addiction will play a large role in deciding what type of treatment is the right choice. For those with a severe addiction, outpatient drug treatment may not be the right option. Since Florida addicts will be faced with many temptations while receiving outpatient services, the chances of relapse are much higher. People receiving these services have a 40 percent chance of relapse because of the lack of a controlled environment.

When addicts are seeking a form of treatment, the cost of the treatment will be a key factor in making a final decision. Outpatient drug treatment is much cheaper than inpatient or residential treatment. In addition to the lower costs, some people simply cannot get away from their daily life to reside at a treatment center. If there are small children at home or if the addict is still employed, these obligations will often get in the way of seeking addiction treatment at an inpatient facility.

Each person with an addiction will have different situations at home. Some may have children, jobs or other obligations that require them to remain at home. Some addicts will not have the financial resources to be able to attend an inpatient treatment program. There are various reasons for going to an outpatient program, however, it should be remembered that this treatment option is not the best choice for everyone, regardless of their situation. Some addictions will require inpatient care.

Finding Outpatient Help for Florida Addicts

If you know someone who is addicted to a substance and could benefit from the services provided at an outpatient program, either in Florida or elsewhere in the US, please call us at the number provided. We are here to provide important information on drug treatment.

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