Jacksonville Drug Rehab Centers

Contact NumberThe city of Jacksonville has many cases of people battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Like many other areas across the United States, there are various treatment centers available to help people combat their addictions. Aside from effective drug rehab centers, there are some sober living facilities that are great forms of aftercare for those who have completed a drug rehab program but are not ready to live independently.

What Jacksonville Recovering Addicts Should Expect in a Sober Living Facility

Sober living facilities in the area are designed to help people after rehab and they are a follow-up treatment option after Jacksonville addicts have spent time in drug rehab centers or treatment facilities elsewhere in the country. More than 30 percent of people recovering from a drug addiction will move into sober living. After completing a residential rehab program, sober living can further benefit those fighting their addictions. Some of the programs available at sober living facilities will offer the following benefits and services:

  1. Individual addiction counseling: Depending on the sober living rehab, individual counseling may be offered. People who have completed residential treatment will have already received individual therapy sessions. In sober living, therapy is continued, offering additional benefits.
  2. Group counseling sessions will be offered on a continual basis. This form of counseling will allow addicts to receive support from their peers while discussing common issues and issues that are faced as the recovery process continues.
  3. Set rules and regulations offer structure. This is very beneficial to people coming out of residential rehab. While in rehab, individuals will have a lot of structure and they may continue to have a need for this type of structure after completing treatment in  drug rehab centers. Every sober living rehab will have their own set of rules that must be followed by all individuals residing at the facility.

Sober living facilities are a continuation of residential drug treatment and provide a more relaxed setting with increased freedom.

Help Finding Drug Rehab Centers or Any Rehab Facility for Jacksonville Residents

There are many drug rehab centers and sober living facilities located across the country. To take advantage of these great services, contact us at the number above to receive additional information on the facilities. The call is free and the information is priceless. By seeking treatment, addicts will take steps in the right direction, helping them completely recover from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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