Orlando Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

Contact NumberMore than 60 percent of people who are prescribed a controlled substance will end up with an addiction to the drug. Prescription drug use exceeds that of all illegal drugs, with hydrocodone being the most commonly abused prescription medication. In 2009, 100 Florida citizens died due to prescription drug abuse, a number that had doubled from what it was four years earlier. Many prescription drug users employ “doctor shopping” as a means to gain multiple drug prescriptions. Florida does not regulate this practice as strictly as other states but is considering a monitoring program that would help prevent patients from getting prescription drugs from multiple doctors. Due to these practices, prescription drug abuse in cities like Orlando, Florida is overwhelming.  If there is no proactive solution, a retroactive one is to get the prescription drug addiction treated.

Treatment Options for Prescription Drug Abuse

Providing help to addicts is a goal of all treatment centers. Each Orlando addict will respond to different types of treatment. There is no single treatment that will be effective for every Orlando addict. However, by receiving one of these forms of treatment, addicts will have an 80-percent chance of overcoming their addiction and going on to lead healthy and addiction-free lives. Treatment options available for Orlando addicts include the following:

  • Residential rehab/inpatient programs. Patients will stay at a residential rehab facility for the duration of their treatment. Medical professionals will ease withdrawal symptoms and help patients begin psychological addiction counseling.
  • Tapering programs. Tapering programs help patients slowly break free from addiction with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Patients gradually take lower doses of the drug until they are free from physical dependency.
  • Rapid detox. Patients will be placed under sedation during rapid detox. This allows patients to rest while they are given drugs that speed up the detox process. This method of detox prevents patients from experiencing the worst of withdrawal symptoms.
  • Outpatient programs. Outpatient treatment involves visiting clinics on a daily or weekly basis for counseling and medical checkups. This method of treatment is not for individuals with severe dependencies but is a successful form of followup care.
  • Aftercare programs. When an Orlando addict completes a residential or inpatient treatment program, they may still need additional treatment and support. There are different options for aftercare services, including group therapy, support groups and sober living homes.

More Information on Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment for Orlando Residents

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