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Contact NumberSt. Petersburg, Florida is a quiet and pleasant setting that, just like other cities in the country, has its share of drug addiction. To help people in the St. Petersburg area deal with and combat their addictions, there are some treatment facilities across the US that are available for rehab help. St. Petersburg addicts can receive treatment services from an inpatient or outpatient center; they will be receiving quality care that will help them beat the cycle of addiction to drugs like heroin.

Treating Your Heroin Addiction

Based on information from the National Survey on Drug Use, more than 338,000 people in the United States have used heroin and a portion of them reside in St. Petersburg. This drug is highly addictive and one of the fastest acting drugs available. Heroin can have serious long-term effects on the body, which is why it is so important to treat an addiction as soon as possible. The longer a person abuses the drug, the more damage they will do to their body. In addition, without treatment, the chances of an overdose are increased by 60 percent. By entering into a drug treatment program that specializes in treating heroin addictions, St. Petersburg addicts can begin the recovery process and start to improve their life.

A variety of effective treatments are available for St. Petersburg heroin addiction. Treatment tends to be more effective when heroin abuse is identified early. The treatments that follow vary depending on the individual, but methadone, a synthetic opiate that blocks the effects of heroin and eliminates withdrawal symptoms, has a proven record of success for people addicted to heroin. Other pharmaceutical approaches and many behavioral therapies are also used for treating St. Petersburg heroin addiction.

When residents of St. Petersburg become addicted to drugs like heroin, the rehab process can be long. By attending rehab, addicts will receive the quality care they need to successfully complete each step of the recovery process.

Heroin Detox and the Rehabilitation Process for St. Petersburg Addicts

The first step to beating an addiction to heroin is detox. The primary objective of detoxification is to relieve withdrawal symptoms while patients adjust to a drug-free state. Detox is extremely beneficial when it is followed by long-term treatment at a residential rehab. All across the country, there are different heroin rehabilitation programs. These programs will generally last between three and six months.

Finding Drug Treatment Help for St. Petersburg Addicts

Treating an addiction to heroin can be quite a challenge, but by calling the number above, addicts can find treatment options for you. We can help start the process of recovery and break the cycle of addiction.

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