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Contact NumberMarijuana use and abuse is very common among college aged individuals. Since Tallahassee is home to many colleges, it goes without saying that the number of people who are using and becoming addicted to marijuana is one the rise. It is estimated that more than 80 percent of college students across the country have tried marijuana and 35 percent of them will become addicted to the drug. To help with this rising problem, drug rehab centers across the country treat addiction to this drug.

Effects of Marijuana Addiction in Tallahassee

With marijuana being one of the most abused drugs nationwide, there is an increasing need for treatment programs to address the addiction issue around Tallahassee. Many people will start to use marijuana without having accurate information on some of the effects it has on the body. Another problem is that developing an addiction is a subtle process as use increases gradually.

One of the effects is that it negatively affects the good health of the brain. Individuals in Tallahassee who are addicted to the drug find it difficult to do complex tasks as it impairs brain function. One may not be able to perform well in sports, academics, work or even in social situations. These problems can persist for days or even weeks after the last exposure to the drug.

This can lead to a reduced quality of life as it is becomes increasingly difficult to pursue an education when suffering from brain impairment. Long-term marijuana users might not be able to hold down a proper job due to the effects of the addiction as well as lack of proper concentration. The condition also makes it hard to comfortably fit in social settings.

One often realizes they have an addiction after it is too late; however, it is important that Tallahassee addicts recognize that marijuana use is illegal, and when things like a college education are at risk, treatment is essential.

Information on Drug Rehab Centers for Tallahassee Addicts

There are various drug rehab programs for Tallahassee addicts all across the country that can be beneficial. Seeking help is the first step to recovering from an addiction. Marijuana is considered to be a mild drug and the treatment typically does not take a long time. However, when addicts begin using other drugs at the same time, the effects will become more severe and addicts will need additional time in a treatment program.

There is no time like the present to get help for your drug addiction. Marijuana addiction treatment for Tallahassee addicts is just a phone call away. Call us today via our toll-free number. The call is free and we are here to help.

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