Tampa, Florida Drug Rehab Centers

Contact NumberTampa, Florida is one of the most populated areas in the state and dealing with the same issues as the rest of the country. One of those major issues is the increase in drug use and abuse. When a person becomes addicted to a drug, it is important for them to have help available. There are many drug treatment facilities across the US that can help Tampa addicts overcome their addictions. One of the major concerns for those entering rehab is the cost of the treatment.

How Tampa Addicts Can Pay for Drug Rehab Centers with Private Insurance

Many drug treatment centers will accept private insurance, which is great news for Tampa addicts who have coverage. For an inpatient treatment program, the insurance will generally cover up to a maximum 30 days of treatment. There are also benefits that are included in a health insurance policy that will pay for certain outpatient services that are related to drug rehab for Tampa addicts.

Congress passed the Mental Health Parity Act in 2008. This law mandates that insurance companies that cover mental health to treat mental health claims in the same manner that they treat physical health claims. This means equal co-pays and limits. To learn more about this recent legislation, read The Mental Health Parity Act: How the Bailout Might Help You. Call your insurance company to find out what types of treatment they cover and how much your co-pay would be. Also ask what treatment facilities are in your “network” and if they know of any discounts. Ask what the limitations are; for example, could you get 90 days of outpatient instead of 30 days of inpatient treatment, or would this coverage not be transferable?

While having insurance will surely help to offset the cost of treatment for many, not all Tampa addicts will have coverage that will allow them to get the treatment they need. In these cases, addicts will have to find a way to afford the treatment or find alternatives that will provide services at a much lower cost.

In some cases, facilities may provide discounted or free care to those whose income or employment status warrants such assistance; they may be able to write it off as a type of charitable donation. Many people who work in these facilities have personal experience with addiction, and they will often try to work around your situation and help you out when they are able to.

Finding Drug Treatment Outside of Tampa, Florida

Tampa addicts can choose from drug treatment programs all over the country, and it’s often preferable to seek treatment outside of your home area. Many facilities are willing to work out a payment plan to make it more affordable if you do not have insurance. For more information on these facilities, call the number above. We can help locate a rehab center that is affordable and will provide the essential services to overcome an addiction.Contact Us