How Family Can Influence Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Addiction is a family disease. One Orlando family member’s drug use can influence another to use. Children of parents who abuse drugs or alcohol are affected significantly for years to come. While some children see the blatant negative consequences and decide to avoid drugs and alcohol, others follow another path. A parent or sibling’s use of drugs can cause great pain and create many problems for an Orlando child who, following by example, will turn to drugs to cope.

Drug and alcohol abuse in the family causes lack of communication, inconsistent parenting and erratic behavior. Mood swings, fighting, neglect and lack of structure are confusing for a child to live with. This sort of environment can cause the following problems:

  • Self-blame. Children may feel like a family member’s drug problem is their fault and then strive to “fix” the problem.
  • Feeling neglected. An Orlando child may believe that she is not good enough to be cared about or for.
  • Constant fear. Children may be frightened of a parent or sibling while using. They may fear for their own safety, but also have extreme worry and concern about the abusers own life.
  • Future relationship problems. Dysfunctional family relationships can create a lack of trust or emotional attachment for an Orlando child. Future relationships can be affected because the child may isolate himself from others.
  • Developing poor health conditions. Orlando children with drug use and addiction in the home often develop depression, anxiety issues, sleep disturbances, posttraumatic stress disorder and other health problems.
  • Self-destructive behavior. Low self-esteem is a common result and often leads to self-destructive behavior, especially drug and alcohol abuse, addiction and traits of codependency.

If you recognize any of these problems, seek help today for your family’s drug problem.

How Orlando Families Can Influence Drug Addiction Recovery

Orlando families can also influence addiction recovery. They can work to get a struggling addict into treatment, as well as provide strength, motivation and encouragement through the recovery process. Having support is essential for recovering from drugs, and a family must learn how to provide this without enabling the addict or developing codependency issues. Family members may need to seek out intervention or other professional help to convince a loved one to get treatment.

Family members can and should be a part of the recovery process. Recovery programs offer family counseling and therapy for families to reconcile and heal together. These programs also educate family members on how they can help their loved one through recovery. Everyone in the family will have been affected by the addiction, which is why the recovery process is available to all. Support groups and self-help programs also help family members share and speak with others going through the same experience. Family participation will greatly influence and benefit the addict’s own participation during recovery.

Addiction Help for Orlando Families

If drug or alcohol abuse is a part of your life, please call our toll-free helpline now. A recovery professional is available 24 hours a day to talk with you about options for substance abuse treatment and recovery. Professionals can answer your questions, address concerns and connect you to treatment and recovery services. Whether you are seeking treatment for a family member or recovery services for the entire family, we can help.