How Much Addition Counseling Do I Need?

Addictions are not like bacterial diseases where everyone receives the same vaccination for a quick recovery. The amount of time needed in professional therapy and counseling will never be the same from person to person. In addition different forms of addiction counseling exist to meet the individual needs of Orlando residents.

What Kinds of Addiction Counseling Are Available to Orlando Residents?

The following are several of the many types of addiction counseling available:

  • Thoughts-and-action counseling addresses the patient’s method of thinking and helps Orlando residents make better choices
  • Adjusting and solving counseling addresses the patient’s self-perception
  • Supportive counseling addresses Orlando resident’s problems directly and usually through one-on-one sessions

Addiction counseling can include a blend of these three basic programs based on the needs of the patient and philosophy of the addiction counselor. Whether or not each session is in a group setting depends on the addiction counselor’s professional assessment and the opinion of the patient. Professional addiction counseling will be followed by a program designed to educate and support the patient in relapse prevention.

What Do Orlando Residents Talk about in Addiction Counseling?

During one-on-one sessions most professional counselors will address the following subjects:

  • Use of drugs
  • Personal preparation for change
  • Mental health and history
  • Previous, if any, treatment
  • Family
  • Criminal record, if any
  • Past and current vocations

In each session the counselor may also take urine, breath or blood samples depending on the preference of the patient. The samples are taken to test for drugs and to check on the Orlando resident’s health.

Why Do Addiction Counselors Ask So Many Questions?

It is important to be completely open and honest during addiction counseling sessions. Any information withheld from the counselor or altered details may result in less effective treatment and misunderstandings. The addiction counselor is not attempting to make the patient feel guilty or ashamed. They are trying to understand and get to know the recovering Orlando resident. Understanding the patient assists the counselor in his or her goal of helping the patient make a full healthy recovery from addiction.

Find Addiction Counseling for Orlando Residents

Help for addiction is a simple phone call away. Our toll-free helpline will help you find professional and experienced addiction counselors. We are available 24 hours a day and are waiting for your call right now. Find addiction counseling today.