How Natural Disasters Can Trigger a Relapse

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, stressful events can make drug or alcohol abuse more likely, because they encourage people either to initiate or continue drug abuse. Additionally, stress may lead recovering Orlando drug addicts to relapse. Natural disasters cause significant stress for any of the following reasons:

  • They are unexpected and people may not be prepared to deal with the destruction they cause
  • People cannot control natural disasters, which makes them feel vulnerable and unable to cope
  • Natural disasters often devastate personal property and cause physical harm, which make people feel weak and afraid

Therefore, natural disasters can frighten Orlando residents that they feel unequipped physically, emotionally and mentally to deal with their issues. Under such stress, many drug addicts will relapse.

How to Avoid Relapse after a Natural Disaster

Avoiding situations that trigger relapse is difficult to do, especially after a natural disaster. Therefore, recovering Orlando drug addicts must identify factors that lead to anxiety, anger, isolation and mood swings to stay clean. It is important during this time to focus on recovery through the following acts:

  • Ask for help when you feel defenseless
  • Reach out to others to create a supportive community
  • Go to meetings for encouragement in recovery
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, sufficient sleep, exercise and activities to reduce stress

By staying healthy and emotionally balanced, you can ensure that your mental health remains strong. The stress associated with a natural disaster may encourage Orlando residents to undermine recovery. They may think about the people they used drugs with and even glamorize past experiences. This is dangerous, because they are in effect planning for relapse.

Treatment for Relapse

If you relapse, the following programs can help you get sober:

  • 12-step programs – These programs have helped people obtain long-term sobriety from drugs and alcohol. In these programs, addicts have a strong network of people who understand their exact feelings, thoughts and behaviors. In addition, the members of these groups can provide insight and support because they understand your struggles.
  • Outpatient therapy – These treatment centers provide many of the same services as residential therapy, but on an outpatient basis, so addicts can maintain their lifestyles, including work and life at home

If these two options fail to help you, you can receive personalized, structured care in a residential treatment program.

Help for Orlando Relapse

Relapse is a step backwards, but it does not have to begin self-destructive drug abuse. Orlando residents can recover from relapse and we can help, so please call our toll-free helpline today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have about relapse treatment; we are here to help.