How to Avoid Losing Your Job to Drug Use

For Orlando residents who abuse drugs and have jobs, little causes as much fear as a drug test. Failing a company’s drug test could result in immediate job loss, or you may not even get hired for a potential job if a company requires a clean drug history. If you face job loss, are concerned that your addiction could cause job loss or if you notice that your addiction is damaging your work, then seek professional addiction help as soon as possible. With the right help, you can not only get clean, but you can also retain your job, so there is no reason to wait.

Relationship between Addiction and Job Loss

Even if you are not concerned about failing your company’s drug tests, you may still notice that your drug use limits your ability to work well. Drug addicts often face job loss as a direct result of drug abuse, because they cannot perform their jobs correctly. With this in mind, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a job while you abuse drugs, especially due to the following problems:

  • Excessive tardiness as a result of being drunk or high
  • Skipping days to nurse hangovers
  • Stealing from the company to buy drugs or pay off debts
  • Risking your life and the lives of others when you are on the job

Addiction is a liability for any company, so if Orlando residents face company drug tests, then they should consider if losing their jobs and upsetting family security is worth getting high.

How to Treat Addiction and Stay Employed

If your company has discovered that you abuse drugs, then they may immediately terminate your employment. However, some companies offer insurance coverage for rehab programs, but only for addicts who are in recovery. Therefore, Orlando residents should take this as an opportunity to find addiction help right now before their employers decide they are not worth the risk. Call your insurance company to determine the type of coverage that you have available, because this can help you decide which rehab center and which services are right for you. The sooner you accept your need for help, the sooner you can return to work and secure your future.

Addiction Help for Orlando Workers

To find the right type of addiction help for your unique problems, you must do your utmost to explore all available treatment options. Our counselors can help you determine if your insurance company will cover any cost of rehab, and they can also connect you with the best treatment centers for your struggles. In short, do not allow your drug abuse to be the reason that you lose your job. Orlando residents can recover from addiction and retain their jobs, but they will need professional help to do this. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to discuss your choices with one of our admissions coordinators.