How to Respond to Your Loved One’s Drug Use

There is a lot of accurate and inaccurate information available on the subject of addiction. Rely upon sites dedicated to recovery or those sponsored by the government for accurate information, and remain cautious with blogs and question/answer forums. In addition to the internet, Al-Anon and Nar-Anon programs offer open meetings. AA and NA are specifically for the loved ones of addicts. Attending these meetings not only offers information, but also access to the daily impact of addiction. You can learn about the temptations and triggers facing your Orlando loved one. You will see that you are not isolated in your battle against addiction, and that the addict is not alone in the addiction.

How to Avoid Enabling Addiction in Orlando

Sometimes you must let Orlando addicts learn that addiction causes pain so they will be inclined to change. Eventually you may need to hold an intervention, but it is usually healthy to allow your loved one to experience the consequences of her actions so she will be motivated to change. In this way, avoid covering for your loved one, for instance if she asks you to lie to her employer about her absence or if she wants you to drive her to her dealer.

Should I Lend Money to an Addict in Orlando?

Any financial sustenance or aid that you give an addict supports the addiction. Even if he does not spend the money you give him on the addiction, your gift allows him to budget money for drugs. This is another way to allow the Orlando drug addict to experience the consequences of addiction. The withdrawal symptoms associated with the sudden absence of their drug can also drive addicts to seek help.

How to Help an Orlando Drug Addict

You may believe that the “right” words spoken at the “right” time from the “right” person will influence the addict in the “right” way, but this unfortunately is rarely true. Whether you appeal to an Orlando drug addict’s reason or emotion, the addiction probably compromises both powers. Even the promises that you draw from the addict are likely empty. She has probably promised many changes to herself already—only to break them. Additionally, it is probable that you will become exasperated. It is important that you do not confront your loved one about her addiction while she is under the influence, or with a tone or words that sound like a lecture or judgmental.

How to Stay Positive while Helping a Recovering Addict

Addiction can consume an Orlando family. Addicts usually focus on acquiring their drugs, and a similar thing can happen to their loved ones who may focus on so intensely on recovery that they hinder rather than help it. Evaluate your priorities and determine if you have neglected some important areas as you tried to help your loved one. Obviously you desire to support and encourage recovery, but doing so may not mean doing what feels comfortable.

Helping Addicted Loved Ones in Orlando

If you or someone that you love in Orlando is addicted to drugs or alcohol, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. The trained and experienced professional answering your call is willing and eager to help with questions, insurance and transportation.