I Can Manage My Addiction without Rehab

Addiction is a disease of denial. Orlando addicts often don’t realize they’ve become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Once they realize there’s a problem, it’s common for them to believe they can handle it without help.

When Orlando residents say that they can manage their addictions without help, they tend to mean one of two things. They either think they can kick their habit without assistance, or they believe they can continue using their substance in such a way that it won’t impact their life. The odds are against them being able to do either of these things.

How Addiction Works in Orlando Residents

Addiction is hard to manage because it’s a progressive brain disease. Alcohol and drugs impact the body in some way (often by increasing levels of certain neurotransmitters) and the body adapts (often by decreasing the level of the same chemicals or by making receptors less sensitive). The body does this because balance, or homeostasis, is important for health.

The process of the drug causing effects and the body balancing those effects is ongoing. Whenever the body adapts, users must increase the amount of drugs or alcohol they consume in order to overcome the body’s resistance. This is known as tolerance. Orlando users may feel that they are managing their addiction at one level of use, but the amount they need to consume in order to achieve former effects is likely to rise.

The negative effects of addiction are also likely to be cumulative and continue to rise. As the drug becomes more important, other areas of life are seriously impacted. Work or school responsibilities are likely to be neglected. Relationships are likely to be strained. As a larger portion of people’s finances goes toward maintaining the habit, financial pressure may cause a serious change in lifestyle. This can cause Orlando addicts to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do in order to obtain the money they need.

Physical Dependence on Drugs or Alcohol in Orlando

When people use addictive substances on an ongoing basis, their bodies eventually become dependent on them. This means that adaptation has occurred to such an extent that the body expects the substance to be present at all times; when it isn’t, neurotransmitter levels and other biological markers are out of balance. This leads to withdrawal symptoms, including intense cravings for the drug or alcohol.

Although it isn’t impossible to overcome an addiction without help, it’s very difficult. This is because one part of a person’s brain, which wants to quit, is fighting against another part, which has come to see the presence of the drug as normal. Over time, the brain can heal and cravings become less intense. In the meantime, help is generally needed to get through the initial stages of recovery, to learn relapse prevention skills, and to address any co-occurring conditions that may contribute to or worsen addiction.

Help Managing Addiction for Orlando Residents

There’s no need for Orlando addicts to stay trapped in an addiction or to try to overcome it alone. Help is available. We offer a 24 hour toll-free helpline to help you finding a treatment program that meets your individual needs. Please call today.