Interventions around the Holidays

Don’t let your intervention plans take a holiday.

Many people try to take a break from their problems during the holidays. This approach works great for problems that can wait, safely stored in a garage or closet to be solved later. Unfortunately, addiction is not a problem that waits patiently. Ignoring it during the holidays only lets it get worse and more difficult to solve. And although the addict will try to hide it, the problems addiction brings can still sour your family holiday fun in Orlando.

If you are planning an intervention to bring an Orlando family member into a treatment program for his addiction, the timetable for the intervention should not be delayed by the holidays. Instead, take each next step as soon as you are prepared for it and use every opportunity you are given.

Whether your intervention should take place during the holidays, after or even before, should be determined by your preparedness and the opportunities the holidays present to you.

Opportunities for Orlando Families to Prepare Interventions

Addiction interventions require careful preparation. Just as a legal court case needs evidence and witnesses, so does the case for addiction treatment that you will be presenting to your Orlando area family member. Holidays often bring friends and relatives together in one place. Use the opportunity to ask them to contribute stories of their love for the addict and the addiction’s impact on their own lives. This evidence can be used for the intervention later even if the individuals are not able to attend it in person.

Before making your case to your addicted loved one, you may first need to convince other friends and family that your loved one has a problem and needs to make a change. Discussions on the sidelines of holiday gatherings can be a way to bring more members of the family into the intervention effort.

Simply seeing the addict at holiday gatherings may help convince family members of the need to intervene. The effect of the addict’s drug abuse may be surprising for family members who are visiting from out of town. If the addict skips family gatherings, that absence can also be convincing evidence of the need for intervention.

Opportunities to Stage the Intervention

If you have made all your preparations, scheduling the intervention for a time around the holidays can offer many advantages:

  • Time – Schools and some workplaces have breaks during the holidays. This time can be used to plan and get more people involved.
  • Visitors – Relatives and friends who live far away may be able to attend the interventions while visiting during the holidays.
  • Pretext – Gatherings are expected during the holidays. Groupings of people, which might raise an addict’s suspicions during most of the year, are easily explained or dismissed during the holidays.

If your Orlando area loved one needs addiction treatment, the holidays can present plenty of opportunities to stage an effective intervention.

Remember to Celebrate

No matter what stage of intervention or treatment your loved one is going through when the holidays arrive, take it as an opportunity to celebrate and renew the love your family shares. Every stage of recovery from an addiction is a challenge. An extra show of love and support from family during the holidays can only help him stay committed and focused on the challenges he faces.

Help for Orlando Families Struggling with Addiction

If your loved one in Orlando needs addiction treatment, call our toll-free helpline to learn more about addiction intervention. We can help you give the gift of recovery. The line is open 24 hours a day.