Life After Drug Treatment

Making the step to enter into a drug rehabilitation program is a very big decision for Orlando addicts, but what happens once you have completed your stay in rehab? It is very important to understand that there is still work to be done once treatment has been completed. There are some things that should be considered that will help addicts stay on the path to recovery and reduce the chances of experiencing a relapse.

Support After Rehab

Find local NA or AA meetings in your area: Finding local Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings is strongly suggested. This is a way to find a group of people who are going through similar struggles and have similar goals. This can help to create a new, positive group of friends and will give you a place to turn to if you need guidance or support.

Get a sponsor:sponsor is someone who has a prolonged period of sobriety who is willing to offer you support whenever you might need it. A local NA or AA meeting is often a great place to locate a sponsor.

Keep a routine: In rehab facilities you have a daily schedule and rules to follow. You get up at a certain time, make your bed, help with chores and attend meetings. This schedule plays a role in a patient´s success at a rehab facility. Try and keep as much of this structure in your life when you leave. Keep regular sleeping habits whether you have a job to get up for or not, keep your home tidy, follow rules and laws in life, and attend support groups in the area.

One day at a time: Anything is overwhelming when you think of it long term. When thinking about being healthy and exercising everyday for the rest of your life, it’s enough to make you stay right where you are. But if you just concentrate on going for a walk today and worry about tomorrow when it comes, it won’t seem so bad and before you know it, it will be a part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth. You may not feel like you can go the rest of your life without a drink, but focus on today, this moment and just one step in front of you.

Don´t segregate yourself: Life is going to be different which can be scary and uncomfortable. But don’t let your fear keep you from moving forward in your life. It’s easy to sit at home and feel sorry for yourself because your old friends aren’t calling you anymore but that will only make your situation worse and make it easier to go back to drinking. Get out and try new things so you can meet people and discover a different side of what life has to offer.

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