Medical Complications and Addiction

Treating a medical complication is difficult enough on its own, but treatment becomes much more difficult when the patient is a recovering addict. Most narcotics used to treat or alleviate pain have a high abuse and addiction potential. For individuals struggling with a past or present addiction the use of any drug can trigger old abuse habits and lead to a relapse. Unfortunately many addicts are in denial that a drug problem exists, because they believe their drug abuse is sanctioned by a legitimate medical need. Addicts with a medical complication are able to justify the condition as an excuse to maintain their addiction.

Current or recovering Orlando residents must discuss addiction history with their doctor to avoid future problems with drug abuse. Doctors can then monitor prescriptions carefully or suggest non-addictive treatment alternatives. Those with a history of drug abuse should be upfront about their issues and cautious when using medication. All narcotics should be taken exactly as directed.

Non-Addictive Treatment Options for Individuals with Medical Complications

Many Orlando residents are finding complementary and alternative treatment options effective for treating a medical complication and alleviating the painful symptoms. The alternative method of treatment will vary depending on the medical complication or health condition an individual is facing, but the most common available options for holistic treatment include the following:

  • Mind-body medicine such as meditation, acupuncture and yoga
  • Manipulative and body-based practices like massage therapy and spinal manipulation
  • Natural remedies such as herbal treatments and dietary supplements

Can Medical Complications Trigger Addiction?

When individuals are living with a medical condition that impairs their physical, mental or emotional health, the effects are life changing. Some individuals have the support and assistance needed to cope with the health condition, while others may be facing more than they can handle. In the U.S. medication has been falsely glorified as the answer to all health problems, and, while narcotics do have obvious medical benefits, they are often over-prescribed, over-used and over-depended upon. Individuals who have no intention of abusing drugs or falling into addiction can quickly develop drug abuse problems. The negative side effects of a medical complication can make an individual desperate to numb physical or psychological pain, and prescription drugs can provide this quick relief, even if they will cause long-term harm.

Addiction Help for Orlando Residents

Your life does not have to revolve around drug use. Please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to learn about your options for managing medical conditions while putting an end to drug abuse and addiction. Whether you still have questions or are ready to find treatment help today, we can help. Please call now.