Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Co-occurring disorders are found in Orlando residents who struggle with both a mental health disorder and an addiction problem. This combination is dangerous and creates many new obstacles when it comes to treatment options. Integrated treatment options are best when dealing co-occurring disorders.

Mental Health Treatment for Orlando Residents

A mental health issue can be anything from depression to schizophrenia. These illnesses can be crippling for any Orlando resident, and with an addiction added to the mix, your situation can become debilitating. Whether mental health issues were the cause of an addiction or the result of drug use, having to manage mental health while suffering from addiction can worsen your substance abuse problems. Co-occurring disorders prevent healing and can cause relapse.

Rehab for mental health and addiction usually takes longer and requires more attention than addiction treatment alone. The therapy you receive in rehab will vary slightly depending on your mental illness and what drugs you are using. Therapy for someone with depression and an addiction to valium will differ from someone with bipolar disorder and a severe cocaine addiction. Before any treatment begins, patients undergo a full psychiatric evaluation. Periodic psychiatric evaluations throughout treatment will map out your progress. Psychological concerns can be addressed through resources such as the following:

  • Private counseling
  • Group therapy
  • 12-step programs
  • Relapse prevention workshops

Addiction Treatment for Orlando Residents

Substance abuse treatments vary depending on which drug is being used. However all addiction treatment involves detox. This is the process of removing chemicals from the body and is best done through gradual detox. This will slowly decrease your dosage until withdrawal symptoms have been lessened. Not having withdrawal symptoms to worry about during detox can be a load off a patient’s shoulders, especially if the patient has a mental health disorder. Enrolling in a residential inpatient program is highly recommended for all Orlando residents. This is because an inpatient program will provide close and constant care and will allow patients to look honestly at their addiction by stepping out of the environment in which it started.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Orlando Residents

Dual Diagnosis is a method of treatment that helps people with both mental health issues and addiction. Through Dual Diagnosis medical professionals take into consideration many factors like your individual mental health situation and addiction severity to create a program with equal emphasis on healing both disorders. Because these two problems are so closely interlinked, complete and integrated treatment is vital for Orlando residents.

Insurance Coverage for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) of 2008 requires your insurance company to provide coverage if you already have existing mental health or substance use disorder benefits. You can be guaranteed partial to full coverage, because a mental illness is considered a serious medical issue that can also be covered by medical health benefits. Addiction is also seen as a medical disease and therefore should receive the same coverage for treatment.

Find Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Help for Orlando Residents

We can help you find treatment for addiction in rehab facilities that take into consideration your individual mental health needs. You can call our toll-free helpline 24 hours a day for more information about getting clean and staying clean. When you call, please ask about insurance coverage and rehab costs.