Numbing Emotional Pain through Drug Use

Emotional pain can occur when you are subjected to any sort of trauma such as a death in the family, rape, physical or emotional abuse or violent crime. In some cases emotional trauma is coupled with drug abuse. While using drugs may seem to be a good option for Orlando residents, it can make the emotional problems worse.

Why Are Mental Health Issues and Drug Abuse Closely Related?

Mental health problems and substance abuse are often seen together, because one makes you more vulnerable to the other. An Orlando resident under extreme emotional duress seeks relief. A person abusing drugs feels the adverse reaction to coming off of a high and becomes depressed. However there is no scientific evidence to prove which is the original underlying cause. Drug abuse and mental health issues feed off of each other in a vicious downward cycle.

What Causes an Orlando Resident with Emotional Pain to Turn to Drug Use?

The following are potential reasons an individual may turn to drugs for temporary relief from emotional pain:

  • Using drugs seems easy. Some people choose to turn to drug use, because taking pills seems easier than admitting you need help. Rather than turning to a professional and working through underlying problems to find a way through emotional pain, a person may turn to drugs as a way to avoid dealing with the real problem.
  • Using drugs is a learned reaction to pain. A child learns patterns of behavior from his or her caregiver. If a parent or other close relative numbs pain through drug abuse, the child or relative is more likely to turn to drugs as a means of relieving negative emotions.
  • Drug use provides instant relief. We live in an instant gratification culture that provides microwave meals, movies at the push of a button and instant information through the Internet. A person in such a quick fix culture may not be willing to take the long, hard road of mental health recovery. That person may instead turn to drugs which will provide instant relief from trauma or the pain. Unfortunately drug use only provides temporary relief and often magnifies pain in the long run.

While there is no one reason that explains every individual’s decision to use drugs, emotional pain is often behind these choices.

Find Help to Recover from Emotional Pain and Drug Abuse

Drug addiction and mental health issues are treatable. There is a way through the pain that doesn’t involve drug abuse. If you are struggling with an emotional problem that is compounded by drug use, we can help. Please call our toll-free helpline to find help and relief from your drug abuse and the emotional pain it masks. We are available 24 hours a day. Call us today, and find the better life you are looking for.