Orlando Heroin Treatment

Orlando, Florida, is a city best known for its theme parks and perfect weather. It is a famous vacation destination for families, but there is a widespread problem that most visitors are not aware of. Heroin abuse has been growing rapidly in and around Orlando, and many people don’t know where to turn for help. Heroin is one of the most addictive substances and recovery is difficult, but effective and long-lasting treatment is available.

Orlando Heroin Addiction and Dual Diagnosis

Finding a good heroin treatment center can be as simple as finding treatment that includes Dual Diagnosis care or integrated treatment. The most important thing to look for in a heroin treatment center is a recovery program that treats the whole person and not just the physical addiction. Addiction often, if not always, involves underlying issues or mental health illnesses that must be addressed before long-lasting heroin recovery can be achieved. Dual Diagnosis treatment tackles heroin addiction, co-occurring addictions and co-occurring mental illnesses.

Orlando Heroin Detoxification and Withdrawal

The first step to heroin addiction recovery is detox. Medically supervised detox services offer medical supervision while all traces of heroin leave the recovering user’s body. It is important to have medical supervision because heroin withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Following detox, treatment patients should seek further treatment to reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Orlando Individual and Group Therapy for Heroin Addiction

Individual therapy for heroin addiction is designed to help users identify and confront their addiction causes and contributors. Recovering users attend sessions with counselors and therapists where they discuss feelings and experiences to get to the core of their addiction.

Group therapy teaches recovering users about addiction and drug abuse before providing an open forum for discussion of common issues facing people suffering from addiction. Group discussion provides ideas and strategies for real-life sobriety maintenance. In group therapy, users realize that they are not alone in their heroin addiction.

Orlando Heroin Rehabilitation Centers

In heroin rehab centers, users stay between two weeks and two months and undergo several types of treatment to address heroin addiction. During their stay, users usually go through detox before participating in individual and group therapy and possibly support programs and career services. Good rehab centers will help users find jobs once they leave and also help them plan further therapy upon their release.

Need Help Finding Orlando Heroin Addiction Treatment?

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