Orlando OxyContin Treatment

Orlando, Florida has a large population and even larger tourist community. Comfortable year-round weather and picturesque beaches make Orlando seem like a perfect place to live. Unfortunately, like many large metropolitan areas, Orlando is a center for prescription drug abuse. OxyContin is a popularly prescribed brand name form of oxycodone used to treat severe pain. It is particularly potent and addictive, and, even if taken as directed, OxyContin can be a difficult drug to stop using.

Orlando OxyContin Detoxification and Types of OxyContin Addiction Treatment

Detox is the first step to overcoming OxyContin addiction. Detox for those in Orlando should be medically supervised but can be completed on either an inpatient or outpatient basis. Withdrawal symptoms will occur during detox and can be very severe. Following detox, users should always seek further treatment. Without continued treatment for OxyContin addiction, recovering users are much more likely to relapse.

One type of OxyContin treatment is individual therapy. During this treatment, users schedule regular meetings with therapists to discuss pressures and why they started and continued to use OxyContin. These discussions can help a person identify and overcome underlying emotional issues. Group therapy, another type of treatment, teaches recovering users about addiction and drug abuse before providing an open forum for discussion of common issues facing people suffering from addiction. In group therapy, users realize that they are not alone in their OxyContin addiction and they learn how to regain control in their lives.

Orlando OxyContin Rehabilitation Centers

When deciding between OxyContin rehab centers and types of treatment, it is important to figure out the right type of treatment for you. In OxyContin rehab centers, patients live in recovery facilities and receive around the clock care. Programs typically begin with detox and subsequent individual and group therapy. When searching for a rehab center, look for programs that offer support groups and services to help people after inpatient treatment has ended.

Need Help Finding Orlando OxyContin Treatment?

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