Pain Management and Addiction Treatment

Many addicts in Orlando struggle with addiction due to fear of withdrawal symptoms. Depending on drug choice, duration of use, and age, withdrawal symptoms can be severe and even life threatening. The pain that many addicts either have heard about or have endured can be enough to make them avoid detoxing altogether. There is a balance that can help an addict avoid pain while detoxing as well as maintaining responsible drug use.

The Balance between Pain Management and Responsible Drug Use

Balancing pain management and responsible drug use can be extremely difficult for many addicts. Included in the following are some ways an addict can balance pain management and responsible drug use:

  • Medication Checks. If your doctor does not offer this, suggest to them to do weekly checks on the amount of medication you still have.
  • Prescriptions. Inform your physician of your current situation and ask for a medication that is not addictive.
  • Reminders. Have a paper and pen next to your prescription. Write the times down that you need to take your medication and when you take it make a mark next to that time. If you find that you need a dose in between times call your doctor. You can tell them the last time you took the medication and they may be able to help you.

Some addicts may find that they cannot do this alone, and may need to enter a rehab program that controls their medications for them. This does not mean that you are weaker than others, this simply means you know your limits and you are ready for sobriety.

What Are Some Non-Addictive Options for Pain Management?

If you are worried that the medication given to you to help with pain management might spark another addiction, be honest with your doctor. Inform your doctor about your concerns and what you need. Included in the following are some methods to help reduce pain without the use of medications:

  • Meditation
  • Anesthetic
  • Adventure Therapy

Meditation can help relax and ease many addicts in Orlando by placing them in an altered state without the use of medication. Some inpatient treatment programs offer anesthetic as way to have you sleep through your withdrawal symptoms. Adventure therapy’s outdoor exercises can help you by keeping you distracted and by concentrating on other topics than your pain. By keeping yourself distracted you can help ease some pain without the use of medication. However, if pain becomes worse or unbearable seek medical attention immediately. A relapse is not worth it.

Addiction Treatment for Orlando Residents

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