Residential Drug Treatment

When Orlando residents choose a drug treatment center, the first decision is to determine what type of treatment is beneficial. There are inpatient and outpatient facilities available. Residential treatment, also referred to as inpatient treatment, requires the addict to live on site during their treatment. The reason for this is to provide a controlled environment where the recovering addict will not be faced with temptation. Residential drug treatment gives the addict an opportunity to focus 100 percent on their sobriety. This is something that cannot happen if they were receiving treatment while living at home.

A residential rehab is a drug-free and alcohol-free environment where there is 24-hour staff available for support. It is the safest environment to be in when attempting to get sober and stop using drugs. There are so many temptations in the real world that are not found in residential care and that can make the difference in someone being able beat the addiction.

While Florida residential drug treatment may be the right choice for some, it’s oftentimes preferable to seek treatment outside one’s home area. This can remove the addict from a toxic environment and place them in a safe, nurturing space where they can focus on their recovery.

Benefits of Residential Drug Rehab

Residential drug treatment is a more intensive form of treatment in comparison to outpatient care. It is a great option for anyone struggling with an addiction that is both psychological and physical. A physical addiction will cause actual pain if the addict goes a prolonged period of time without the drug. This can make it very difficult for the addict to quit drugs on their own. This is why residential drug treatment would be the right option. Due to the physical pain associated with these drugs, it can be far too difficult to battle from home. To end the pain, most addicts will take more drugs. In residential drug treatment, not only are there no drugs available to take, but the trained doctors and nurses are able to ease the pain through medications to make the process less intense. This gives the addict hope to make it through the painful withdrawal period.

When deciding what type of rehab you are going to enter, it is important to take a step back and truly assess just how bad your addiction has gotten.  If you have been battling a heroin addiction for 10 years, outpatient care will not cut it; residential care will be necessary. While the idea of being away from home and loved ones is not appealing, knowing that you are receiving the best possible treatment you can get and the best chance at getting your life back should outweigh the minor, temporary inconveniences of residential drug treatment.

Choosing the right type of treatment is essential when trying to overcome an addiction. We are here to help. With one phone call, you can get the information you need to begin the road to recovery.

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