Signs Someone Needs Drug Treatment

Detecting the signs of drug use and abuse is an important part of treating a drug addiction. Unfortunately, many signs go unnoticed and the person continues to abuse a substance. People who are struggling with an addiction are often very secretive of their drug use. They may be ashamed of what they are doing or they may be afraid of getting caught. Either way, this secretiveness can make it difficult for others to realize how severe a person’s drug use really is. There are some signs to look out for if you are concerned about a loved one possibly being addicted to drugs.

Signs of Addiction

Unexplained Absences: If they disappear without explanation as to where they were or why they left, they may have been out either buying or using drugs.

Unexplained debts: If they are constantly borrowing money or complaining about not being able to pay the rent, but have no explanation as to where all their money has gone, they may have used it to buy drugs.

Lack of interest in family, friends, and activities: If they suddenly lose interest in activities they used to love or if they begin losing touch and distancing themselves from the people who used to matter most, it may be because they are trying to keep their addiction hidden.

Withdrawal symptoms: If a person goes a prolonged period of time without using and they experience physical pain, such as migraines, the shakes, vomiting, etc., they are going through withdrawal. This means that the body has become physically addicted to the drugs that they are using. It is important to note that not all drugs are physically addictive, so not everyone will experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop using.

There are signs to watch for if you are concerned that a loved one is addicted to drugs. If you are worried, call the number provided. We can talk you through what your next step should be. Drug addiction is a very serious problem that can lead to death when it is not treated. Be aware of the signs that someone needs drug treatment so you can look for them and get your loved one the drug treatment they need as soon as possible. It is not often that an addict will just walk up to you and say they want help. They may be too ashamed or enjoying the high too much. Either way, it is up to you to take note of their behaviors and seek out treatment if need be. Being proactive, noticing signs and suggesting drug treatment can save a life.

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