Sleeping Pill Abuse Help

As ads for Lunesta and Ambien flood the airwaves, it can be difficult to see the potential harm associated with their use, especially when the people in the commercials seem so peaceful and well rested. However, there are real dangers linked to sleeping pill abuse, even including the risk of death. If you or a loved one in the Orlando area is addicted to sleeping pills, you should seek professional addiction rehabilitation treatment immediately.

How Sleeping Aids Impact a User’s Life in Orlando

Many aspects of the development of a sleeping pill addiction can seriously impact all areas of a person’s life. The negative consequences of sleeping pill abuse can take a toll on an individual’s physical and psychological health in the following ways:

  • Physical – The physical side effects associated with sleeping pill abuse can include drowsiness, insomnia and respiratory malfunction. These effects can impact a person’s life as they are not receiving the proper amount of sleep needed to function on a regular basis, allowing for their work and home life to suffer. With added respiratory issues, a person can experience serious health issues that can either cause them to unintentionally suffocate and possibly die from their misuse.
  • Psychological – Sleeping pill abuse has become synonymous with suicidal thoughts and tendencies, as the pills can affect your brain chemistry. These thoughts can become so intense that they trigger even the most sound-minded individual to either attempt or actually commit suicide. Individuals can also easily develop anxiety or depression as a result of the abuse.

If you or a loved on in the Orlando area is abusing sleeping pills, it is important to understand the risks associated with this type of addiction and seek treatment before it’s too late.

Treatment for Orlando Residents Struggling with Sleeping Pill Addiction

Many users find it difficult to accept that they have a problem, and when the time comes for them to finally accept treatment, learning about what to expect can help alleviate some concerns they might have. There are many different aspects of sleeping pill addiction treatment, including the following:

  • Detox and therapy – Every sleeping pill treatment program will incorporate both detox and therapy. Getting clean and sober will allow users to begin to apply their minds towards therapy, where they will explore the sources and causes of their addiction. Users will also learn how to develop healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Monitoring and support groups – Not only will the user be monitored by therapists and doctors in the facility, but he will also be involved in group therapy to help learn from others, share stories and begin to work on interpersonal relationships.
  • Education – As one of the most critical steps of treatment, sleeping pill users will learn about their addiction, why it occurred and how to prevent it from happening again. They will also learn about how their sleeping pill of choice impacted them both physically and psychologically so they can better understand their actions while under the influence.

Regardless of the type of sleeping pill a user is addicted to, it is crucial that she get the help she needs to stop using. The benefits of treatment will include not only learning about the disease and the drug of choice, but also how the user can prevent relapse in the future.

Do You Have a Sleeping Pill Addiction?

If you or a loved one in the Orlando area have a sleeping pill addiction, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now. Our trained addiction counselors will help you get the answers you need to find a treatment center that is right for you. Do not spend one more day using. Call us today.