Sober Relationships after Addiction

Addiction and recovery both change relationships in significant ways. Orlando drug users usually spend time with other substance users. Addiction strains relationships with family and friends, because as addicts focus more on substance abuse, they will neglect their relationships. They often deceive others, so trust may become an issue. During recovery, new, healthy relationships need to be formed and old ones repaired.

Making Friends after Rehab

Making new friends and forming sober relationships during recovery is easier for some personality types than others. However, it is important for all Orlando drug addicts to make the effort, which often proves easier than people think. Spending time with substance-using friends is a common relapse trigger and not a wise choice, so help yourself by finding new friends. The easiest way to form new friendships is sharing experiences. An addiction support group is an obvious place to begin, because people can meet new friends through school, church, work, clubs or teams.

Romantic Relationships in Recovery

Although it is important to form new friendships, many addiction counselors warn against beginning a romantic relationship during early recovery. A new romance can distract users from the skills they need to maintain sobriety. A relationship can also become a crutch or way of dealing with problems, which will postpone the work of handling life’s challenges with personal, internal resources. Romantic relationships can also bring their own challenges and heartaches that can trigger relapse.

Some support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous encourage people to remain sober for a year before dating. The stronger and healthier an Orlando resident is, the stronger and better the relationship will be. After that amount of time, it is also more likely that an attraction will be based on factors other than a need to fill the void that substance abuse has left.

Rebuilding Old Relationships

Recovery involves not only building new relationships, but also repairing old ones with friends and family. This often takes time and patience, because recovering addicts cannot rebuild trust either easily or quickly. Some relationships may never be fully restored, but many will be reborn as Orlando residents show consistency and commitment to sobriety.

Often the most difficult relationships to rebuild are with family, and especially between spouses. Many people abuse drugs to avoid dealing with conflict and negative emotions, so recovering addicts must learn new ways of communicating and coping. Couples counseling can also be very helpful.

Orlando Addiction Help

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