Sobriety Help

Getting and staying sober is a difficult journey, however any Orlando resident can be successful with the right help. Often willpower alone is not enough to achieve long-term sobriety, so it is crucial that you seek the support of others. No matter how bad your addiction might be or how much devastation it has caused, there are people ready and waiting to help you get sober.

What Does It Take for Orlando Residents to Get Sober?

The first step in getting sober is to recognize that the problem exists and to reach out for help. If you can acknowledge how your alcoholism is damaging your life and you want to change, then you are ready to take steps toward sobriety. In order for a full and lasting recovery to occur, you will likely need to undergo at least some level of rehab treatment. Orlando alcoholics may be able to attend counseling and support groups on an outpatient basis, however if your addiction is severe you may need to undergo intensive inpatient rehab. A quality program of rehab should include elements such as counseling, therapy, support group attendance, relapse-prevention training, and fully integrated treatment of co-occurring mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, which are common among alcoholics. Rehab should get you through the physical symptoms of withdrawal and also prepare you for life after rehab.

Tips for Staying Sober in Orlando after Rehabilitation

A key component of staying sober after rehab is to surround yourself with a strong support system. This means regularly attending support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and continuing with aftercare. Orlando residents should themselves with positive, encouraging relationships. If a particular relationship is bringing you down and seems to be a potential trigger, you may need to end that relationship.

Also, take care of yourself. Eat healthy foods, get plenty of rest and exercise regularly. If you are lonely or tired you are more susceptible to relapse. Find ways to stay busy, such as new hobbies or recreational activities. Not only can these keep your mind off of cravings, but they can also improve your quality of life. Take your recovery moment by moment and remember that it will get easier as time progresses. Set goals for sobriety and reward yourself when you reach them!

Who Can Orlando Residents Go to for Sobriety Help?

There are many people waiting to help you get and stay sober. Friends and family members can be a good place to start. When loved ones see that you are serious about recovering, they can be your greatest supporters. You can also go to teachers, counselors, religious leaders, doctors, and perhaps even co-workers or your employer for help. Perhaps the easiest point of contact is an addiction helpline where you can speak with a trained counselor. Here you can get your questions answered and begin the process of enrolling in rehab treatment. These calls are both free and anonymous.

Sobriety Help for Orlando Residents

Do you live in Orlando and need help overcoming alcoholism? Please don’t try to go it alone. We are here 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline waiting for your call for help. There’s no reason to wait to begin your recovery, so call us now and begin recovery today.