Taking Personal Responsibility for a Future without Addiction

Fortunately, there is an abundance of support for recovering addicts. Some popular means of support are as follows:

  • Support groups
  • Family support
  • Counseling
  • Aftercare programs

These groups allow Orlando addicts to express their struggles in a judgment-free environment and, in the case of counseling and aftercare programs, to seek advice from qualified professionals. These groups offer encouragement to addicts as well as helpful advice on making the most of life outside of rehab. Indeed, some addicts become so swamped with advice and support that it becomes easy for them to coast through recovery. This support is essential to recovery, yet should never take the place of personal dedication, motivation, and growth.

How Orlando Residents Should Approach Addiction Recovery

Remember that, despite how your recovery affects other Orlando residents, you are going through recovery for yourself. Without recovery you have no hope of a better life or better relationships. Though your recovery will affect your close friends and family, they are not the ones experiencing the struggles that recovery entails, but you are. Therefore, it is best that you work through recovery the way that is best for you. Your own drive will help you reach your goal, not the drive of your loved ones. No matter how excited they are, remember that your own verve is essential to your success. Don’t depend on other Orlando residents to make you feel good or excited about your recovery.

How to Take Responsibility for Addiction

Because so many people help with recovery, addicts may blame others when they either reach a plateau in their recovery, suffer from a relapse or even when their drug-free lifestyle doesn’t turn out the way they planned. However, it is important that you don’t coast through this stage, but rather take responsibility for it. Your actions are the ones that directly affect your sobriety and life. As harsh as it may sound, you are the only one to blame if you relapse or if your life doesn’t meet up to your expectations. Orlando drug addicts should not blame anyone else. Yet, don’t read this and think that you have blown your chance if recovery doesn’t go as you hoped. You can pick yourself up and begin again.

Use these support systems to set up an accountability network for yourself. If you are the only person keeping yourself accountable to your goals, it is easy to excuse mistakes. But, you must strive for balance in your recovery. If you rely on other Orlando residents entirely, then you might cease to grow; but if you rely solely on yourself, then you might lose your sense of accountability and slowly relapse into old habits.

Orlando Addiction Help

If you live in Orlando and need more information about how you can take charge of your recovery, call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. Our operators are standing by to answer any questions that you may have. You have the strength to make your recovery count. Call us today and let us help you.