What Do Recovery Professionals Do That I Can’t Do?

Willpower alone is not enough to break a drug addiction. Drugs chemically change the brain as it alters behavioral patterns and causes unbearable, sometimes deadly, withdrawal symptoms. An Orlando drug addict needs proper care to help him safely discontinue drug use, recover from relapse and eventually to reach a state of total freedom from substance abuse.

Classes of Recovery Professionals

There are several different kinds of health professionals that help drug addicts recover from addiction. They include the following classes:

  • Doctors and nurses monitor Orlando patients during detox to ensure that all traces of the drug are safely washed out of the patient’s system while also minimizing withdrawal symptoms
  • Therapists help addicts identify thought patterns that reinforce addiction and they help patients deal with past traumas
  • Psychiatrists prescribe medications to help addicts control their impulses and lessen cravings

It is important for Orlando drug addicts to seek treatment that utilizes the services of all such personnel, simply because lay people lack the training to diagnose or treat addiction. Drug addicts do not know what recovery drugs to take or at what speed to wean themselves from substance abuse; they do not have an objective perspective on their lives that will help determine the necessary behavior modification; and they do not know if they need additional medication to cope with everyday life after treatment.

Can Orlando Residents Break Addiction on Their Own?

Trying to break oneself of addiction is unwise and may have the following unwanted effects:

  • Quitting a drug cold turkey may produce permanently damaging or fatal withdrawal symptoms
  • Maintaining the resolve to stay sober without external support will be nearly impossible
  • Relapses will likely be too discouraging for Orlando addicts to keep trying
  • Attempting life without drugs may make an addict erratic and unstable, causing her life to disintegrate even more rapidly than it did under the influence of drugs

Recovery professionals are in place to combat these difficulties. They have extensive training and experience in treating drug addiction, which helps them foresee difficulties and formulate strategies for overcoming them.

Orlando Addiction Help

If you live in Orlando and are ready to find help for your addiction, please call our toll-free helpline so that we can direct you to trained, trustworthy treatment personnel. We are available 24 hours a day, so don’t be afraid to make the best decision of your life right now. Call us today to get clean.