What Does a Professional Interventionist Do?

The primary focus of a professional interventionist is to mediate a conversation between an addict and those who love him or her. The interventionist begins work with families in Orlando before working with the addict. Once the interventionist is contacted by an addict’s loved ones, he or she will gain information about the situation and learn the family’s overall goal which is usually to get their loved one to accept treatment. Together the interventionist and the family will plan the details of the intervention from where it will be held and who will attend to what topics are to be discussed. During this planning process it is the interventionist’s job to inform the family of potential reactions from the addict and how to handle them appropriately in order to achieve their goal. He or she will provide the family with the necessary tools to hold the intervention effectively.

What Happens during Interventions in Orlando?

Once the addict is in the desired meeting place, the interventionist will mediate the discussion between the family and the addict. The interventionist may have the family prepare letters that document their frustration, sadness and hope for the future. He or she will also have them establish non-negotiable boundaries that, if the addict choses not to seek treatment, the addict will have to live by going forward. The interventionist will then provide clear information regarding what the addict must do in terms of treatment or what the addict will face if he or she chooses not to accept treatment. Hiring a professional interventionist and following his or her advice and guidance is more likely to succeed than attempting an intervention without help.

The Role of Recovery Professionals in Orlando Interventions

Orlando residents can expect an interventionist to do the following:

  • Gain information about the situation from family
  • Agree on the common goal of treatment
  • Plan the intervention and what will be discussed
  • Advise the family on what potential reactions may occur and how to handle them
  • Mediate a discussion between family and addict
  • Aid in the family expressing their emotions and establishing boundaries
  • Provide the addict with clear information on treatment
  • Allow the addict to make his or her decision after hearing all necessary information

An interventionist must be able to provide a calm and collected experience for both the family of the addict and the addict. An interventionist can help save the lives of addicts and aid in the repair of families’ lives.

Need Help Planning an Intervention for Your Loved One?

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