What Enabling an Addict Looks Like

Drug and alcohol addiction is often a family disease and with good reason, because living with an Orlando drug addict affects almost every aspect of your life. As a family member, you want your loved one to quit drugs, but your help may actually hinder recovery. Get help figuring out how others enable addiction so you can truly help your loved one.

How Do Orlando Residents Enable Drug Use?

Covering up a loved one’s drug use is a common form of enabling. Often the addict and enabler deny the severity of the addiction. Orlando family members may even feel somehow responsible for their loved one’s behavior. Enablers are often unaware of how their behaviors actually prolong the addiction. You must accept that you are dealing with an addict so you can learn how to help. When others stop enabling addiction, addicts have a much greater chance of succeeding in recovery. Family counseling can lead Orlando residents in the right steps to help their loved ones overcome addiction.

Enablers often act in ways they believe are helpful, such as covering bad checks, loaning money repeatedly or even bailing addicts out of jail. This behavior supports drug abuse as addicts never have to face the consequences of addiction. Many enablers believe that shielding addicts from the consequences of their addiction shows love and support. However, it allows Orlando addicts to continue unimpeded in addiction.

Do I Need Help to Reach an Orlando Drug Addict?

Facing your loved one’s addiction can be the initial step toward her recovery and yours. Failing to seek help for yourself is in itself a form of enabling. If you are in a relationship with an Orlando addict, the most important thing you can do is to seek professional help. Your addicted loved one needs to know that you are no longer going to aid in the addiction. Counseling and therapy will help you know how to deal with guilt and how to show concern without enabling addiction.

Once you have decided to quit enabling your Orlando loved one’s addiction, you may need to confront him about his addiction. Seek the assistance of a trained interventionist to help you with this next step. Be prepared to offer helpful solutions by seeking professional assistance. Remember, no matter how good your intentions may be, your enabling behaviors could greatly hinder your addicted loved one’s recovery. Orlando drug addicts will need help quitting, but they do not need someone enabling the addiction.

Orlando Addiction Help

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