What Happens If I Don’t Choose Treatment?

Many people used to see addiction as a problem with the individual. One common idea was that of the “addictive personality,” implying that some people have an innate flaw or weakness that causes them to seek out addiction. However, modern research shows that addiction is closely related to other neurological disorders. While the initial decision to use drugs is a conscious one, once repeated use has occurred it becomes more difficult to stop. There are physical changes in an addicted person’s brain that cannot be controlled simply by force of will. Orlando addicts may try and fail to quit using, causing low self esteem. Once addiction has seriously altered the brain, treatment is necessary and can help a person break free of the compulsive need to use drugs or alcohol.

Is Addiction a Disease?

Over time the brain adapts to the “high” that the drug causes, thus requiring more of the drug more often just so users can feel normal. Drug use actually alters the neurological pathways that control decision-making, judgment, and impulse control. These changes in brain chemistry cause Orlando addicts to seek out and use drugs, despite wanting to quit. The drive to use overrides the risk of negative consequences such as harm to a person’s health, personal relationships, and career. At this stage, addicts have little control over drug use. Just as a diabetic cannot completely control her disease through dietary changes, an addict needs treatment to heal the damage done to his brain.

When a person is psychologically addicted to drugs or alcohol, treatment is necessary to fix the damage done to the brain. Due to the effects of addiction on thinking and behavior, it is extremely difficult for a person to make these changes without help. With treatment, however, Orlando addicts can regain control of their behavior and begin making positive changes in their lives. They can reconnect with family and friends and stop the negative feelings associated with drug use.

How Addiction Rehabilitation Works for San Diego Residents

Effective treatment for addiction is possible. Medical detox can halt the physical effects of addiction on the brain, and begin the body’s process of healing. Discovering and treating any underlying mental disorders, such as depression or anxiety, can help Orlando addicts understand why they began abusing alcohol or drugs in the first place. Getting help for addiction can be intimidating, but the benefits outweigh any initial awkward feelings.

Orlando Residents Can Choose Treatment

The thought of going to rehab can be scary, but through proper treatment Orlando residents can regain control of their lives and break free from addiction. Call our toll free, 24 hour helpline now to learn more about your treatment options.