Will My Insurance Cover Rehab Expenses?

Orlando residents commonly use the cost of rehab as an excuse to delay treatment. They believe they can’t afford rehab, or that their insurance won’t cover the costs. In some cases they may have been denied coverage by their insurance company and decided that it’s not worth the effort. It is crucial for the health—even the survival—of the addict that he understands that addiction always costs more than rehab, and that the vast majority of states require insurance companies to cover addiction treatment.

Orlando Residents Can Overcome Physical Addiction

Most substances that people abuse can cause an addiction. This means that the body requires the substance in order to function because that substance has replaced a naturally occurring chemical in the body. Depending on the type of substance being used and the length and intensity of the usage, it can take anywhere from several days to multiple weeks for physical addiction to be conquered. The process often involves a very difficult period of withdrawal as the body reacts to the absence of the substance. The symptoms can be incredibly uncomfortable, but the best addiction treatment facilities are able to relieve the worst of them, allowing the addict to detox in relative comfort and safety. Medically supervised detox is one of the first advantages of professional treatment for Orlando residents.

Orlando Residents Can Overcome Psychological Addiction

While physical addiction is indeed a very difficult condition to beat, the psychological aspects of addiction are much harder for Orlando residents to overcome. Even the few intoxicating substances that are not technically addictive in a purely physical sense (marijuana, LSD,) can create powerful emotional addictions. Drugs and alcohol super-stimulate the pleasure center of the brain. This is the same area responsible for reinforcing behavior, managing emotions, allowing for impulse control and self-discipline, managing stress and anxiety and even organizing and recalling memories. When a person gets high on drugs or alcohol this part of the brain experiences an intensely pleasurable relief from physical and emotional discomfort. The brain will crave this feeling again and again and will use every weapon in its emotional arsenal to achieve it. It will cause obsession with the substance. It will recall only the pleasurable aspects of the use of the substance and not the negative physical, relational or legal consequences.

Though a person may rationally believe they need to get clean, their brain will not allow them to. The emotional or psychological strength of the disease is stronger than their rational mind. Thorough, professional rehab addresses these psychological underpinnings of addiction through careful treatment over a number of weeks or even months. Neural pathways in the brain must be rewired, and this takes time. While a person may be able to detox on her own – as miserable as that experience is – she is unlikely to beat her own psychology without outside help. While this type of intensive treatment does cost time and money, the alternative – a life surrendered to addiction – is far more costly.

Learn More about Insurance and Finding Addiction Rehabilitation for Orlando Residents

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