Will People Judge Me If I say I’m an Addict

Addicts will come up with countless objections to avoid admitting that they are addicted to drugs. The psychological power of this disease is immense, because it functions in the same part of the brain that manages impulse control, emotions, memory and the formation of habits. In other words, addiction forms neurological pathways in the part of the brain that drives behavior, so people will need considerable help to get and stay clean from drugs. One of the first obstacles to addiction recovery is admitting the problem, which many people avoid to dodge shame and guilt. Many addicts feel embarrassed about their disease, which may cause them to keep their addiction private, or to resist any help. The problem is that treatment can help people recover, so avoiding it because of judgment is self-defeating. Seek professional support to begin addressing your problem with drug abuse.

Stigmas about Drug Addiction

Some people may judge you for being an addict, but this does not have to keep you from getting clean. Many people don’t understand that addiction is a disease and not a matter of discipline, so they explain addicts as people who could not choose to avoid drugs. The fact is that addiction is a disease, so people who think otherwise should not keep you from getting the help you need. Although some people may judge you for being an addict, others respect the character it takes to overcome addiction. Regardless, remember that your recovery is far more important than anyone’s opinion of you.

Finding Pride in Recovery

Due to media coverage of celebrities, politicians and athletes that have overcome addiction, many people admire the strength it takes to accomplish recovery. You should take great pride in your recovery, even if others do not. It may take time for some people to respect you, but it will happen eventually, especially the longer you stay clean. In the meantime, do everything you can to stay sober; be open and honest about your addiction and recovery to avoid relapse.

Help Finding Addiction Treatment

Our toll-free helpline is open 24 hours a day with the following free services:

  • Confidential answers to any questions you have about addiction and recovery
  • Advice from trained professionals about coping with shame or other unhealthy emotions
  • Access to the best treatment and aftercare programs available
  • Confirmation of insurance coverage for treatment costs

Don’t let shame or embarrassment keep you from addiction help, because addiction thrives in secret. Let us help you find the peace of mind and self-confidence that recovery can provide. Our admissions coordinators are ready right now to help you, so call today for instant, professional support.