Orlando Drug Treatment Centers

There are many different types of drug rehab programs that an addict can choose from when they have made the realization they need professional help. Finding the one that is the perfect fit for you is very important. Not every person will respond to the same treatment methods. Making sure the chosen drug treatment program is right for the individual plays a large role in their success of overcoming the addiction. The following types of drug treatment are common and are available in most large cities in the country. The US has many options available for Orlando addicts who are looking to beat their addiction.

Options for Orlando Drug Addicts:

Holistic drug treatment: Holistic drug treatment programs are growing in popularity. This type of treatment has a different approach to recovery than traditional treatment. Holistic drug treatment treats the body, the mind and the spirit. It treats the entire person, not just the addiction. This type of drug treatment will often incorporate physical activities into the program such as yoga, hiking and meditation. Program leaders believe that the entire person must be healed, not just the addiction itself.

Outpatient drug treatment: Outpatient drug rehabilitation means that a person does not live in the facility for treatment, but comes to the facility for classes, visits with specialists or group meetings. Outpatient drug rehabilitation centers are more long-term and patients can attend programs for as long as needed. A variety of techniques and program intensity levels are used to achieve this goal. Intensive day treatment may be as effective as live-in treatment facilities, and is ideal for people who have a strong support system at home.

Long-term drug treatment: For severe addictions, such as a heroin addiction or cocaine addiction, long-term treatment is an option. The usual stay in a drug treatment program is approximately 30 days. The length of time that a person will stay in the treatment center will depend on the severity of the addiction and how they handle the withdrawal symptoms when they go through detox. Some addicts will need additional therapy and will be in rehab much longer than 30 days. Long-term drug treatment can last several months for Orlando addicts.

These are just a few of the different drug treatment options that an Orlando addict can consider. For more information on any of these treatment options and to learn more about treatment centers, please call the number above. We can help Orlando addicts reclaim their lives.