How Family Can Challenge Your Sobriety

Regardless of how close you are to your family members, their presence or absence can have a major impact on your sobriety. Your family may play a part in your continued use, your reasons for using, and your causes for relapse. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to determine how to deal with the challenges that your family may present when it comes to maintaining your sobriety.

The Challenges Your Family Can Create

In many cases, family can become a major source of support for your recovery; however, your family may become the one thing that stands between you and your sobriety. There can be numerous causes for this, especially if you and your family have a difficult past. The following are some of the many ways in which your family can create challenges for you in your sobriety:

  • Enabling – Some of your family members might not understand that they can enable your behavior even after you get sober. This can include not clearing out their living environment of temptations, continuing to defend your past abuse, and thinking you are invincible to relapse.
  • Adding stress – Even though you received treatment for your addiction, your family members might not have done the same. As a result, they may still harbor resentment toward your behaviors associated with your use and may continually cause stress within your relationship by repeatedly bringing it up and holding it against you.
  • Failing to offer adequate support – Your family members may not know what to do to help support you in your recovery, especially if they did not get treatment for themselves while you were in rehab. This can make it increasingly challenging for them to know how to support your new lifestyle, which can limit your support system.

Your family can make your recovery much more challenging if they continue to enable your behaviors, create additional stress in response to past issues, and do not educate themselves on how to support you in your sobriety.

Overcoming Family Challenges

Your family does not need to continually create challenges during your recovery; both you and your family can participate in family therapy (as well as individual therapy) to work on developing a plan of action that will set everyone up for success. This can be done through developing coping skills, working through past issues, and knowing how to maintain sobriety as a family.

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