How to Find Culturally Relevant Addiction Help

Culture is the collective characteristics representing a defined group of people or society. Culture can encompass language, religion, knowledge base, cuisine, arts, social habits, and more. Traditionally, culture derived from geographic regions that would pass down cultural traits from generation to generation. Nowadays, culture may refer to several subcultures and groupings, such as youth culture and LGBT culture. Race and ethnicity play a major role in creating different cultures, and this is more evident than ever, as the US has become a giant melting pot, composed of immigrants from all over the globe. Cultural diversity is both rewarding and challenging. Cultures are changing faster than ever before, and culture affects everything people do. Culture plays a major influence in shaping attitudes and beliefs about addiction, as well as impacting addiction treatment, recovery, and prevention.

Culturally relevant addiction help was designed to enhance the individualized approach to addiction treatment and recovery. With so many diverse cultures present in society, one cannot pretend to believe that addiction affects everyone in the same ways. Different cultures experience different issues that influence addiction and challenge recovery. Certain treatment methods may be more effective for some cultures but ineffective or even harmful to others.

Culturally relevant addiction help can provide a safe and comfortable environment that connects with the addict. Culturally relevant addiction help may focus on a particular race, gender, social class, age group, sexual orientation, geographic location, or profession. It provides culturally sensitive treatment, as well as culturally sensitive recovery professionals. This is vastly important so that addicts can get the most out of treatment. Attitudes, beliefs, values, interests, and one’s way of life are shaped by culture. Without culturally relevant addiction help, individuals feel as if they are looking at a one-size-fits-all path for recovery. What speaks to one ethnicity may not impact another. Addiction treatment methods that benefit elderly populations can seem outdated to younger generations, and elderly individuals may feel uncomfortable discussing addiction related issues with youth. Addiction help is far more effective when the addict can connect with the treatment process.

Culturally relevant addiction help can target specific issues that contribute to a certain culture’s addiction struggles. For example, Native Americans face extreme conditions of poverty and unemployment and lack adequate healthcare. These issues impact the development of addiction but also create specific challenges for recovery. By digging into different cultures, recovery professionals can provide better resources for helping addicts from all walks of life.

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