The Effects of Drinking and Hangovers on Job Performance

An addiction to alcohol can make drinking eclipse other interests, passions, and goals. This shift in priorities is especially evident in the workplace, yet substance abusers rarely notice that their work performance is sliding. Signs that alcohol use is negatively affecting your work include the following:

  • Simple day-to-day tasks require extra effort to complete
  • Performance is compromised
  • Deadlines are consistently missed
  • Colleagues routinely pick up your slack
  • Doing quality work seems less important than it used to

Problem drinkers in Orlando often come to work with a hangover after a night of heavy drinking. A hangover is a collection of signs and symptoms linked to an alcoholic binge. Several include the following:

  • Headache
  • General sense of being “sick”
  • Confusion
  • Thirst
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Poor memory

The moment you recognize signs that alcohol is corroding your career is the time to take action, ideally by calling a professional treatment center. Contrary to popular belief, individuals do not need to “hit bottom” before getting sober. Rather, Orlando residents who seek assistance before physical and psychological dependence become too severe benefit from improved chances of recovering and preventing relapse. It is never too early to ask for help.

HIPAA: Good News for Employees Who Seek Treatment

Not long ago, addiction was seen as a moral weakness that could be overcome by willpower. Employees who struggled with alcohol and drugs feared getting fired if their bosses found out. Today, individuals who admit that they have a problem and seek help are entitled to protection from stigmatization and backlash under federal law. Several specific ways include the following:

  • Employers may not punish any employee who requests needed medical leave, provided they have met certain criteria for eligibility such as a minimum of one year of employment with the company
  • Without your consent, your employer is not allowed to tell anyone that you sought treatment
  • When applying for a job it is illegal for a prospective employer to ask about past substance abuse or treatment history

After achieving sobriety, an Orlando resident cannot be sanctioned for a history of abuse or treatment, whether on the job, for housing, within governmental programs, or within private or public institutions. However, legal protection of employment is contingent on staying sober. If a worker relapses, he may be subject to legitimate grounds for action.

Help for Alcohol Addiction

If you or someone you love in Orlando struggles with addiction, we can help. Admissions counselors are available at our toll free, 24-hour helpline to guide you to wellness. They can discuss your options with you and help you explore effective treatment plans. Don’t go it alone when support is just one phone call away. Start your recovery now.